Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I have breast pain, should I be worried about breast cancer?
Ans: Most breast cancers are not associated with pain. Majority of premenapausal patients with breast pain have fibrocystic disease or other benign causes. Dr. Mikalov will diagnose the cause of your pain and then work with you on how to best treat it. Most of the time a modification of diet and lifestyle is all that is necessary.

2. I had a normal mammogram this year, do I still need a physical exam?
Ans: Yes. Mammography is an excellent tool that can pick up breast cancer in it's earliest stage about 85% of the time. Unfortunately it does miss some cancers which cannot be seen on mammographic film about 15% of the time. A thorough physical exam including a non-invasive breast ultrasound can help pick up those other cancers much earlier before they become large enough to be palpable. An earlier diagnosis means a better cure chance. Dr. Mikalov besides doing a complete physical exam, also does an in-office breast ultrasound for his patients.

3. My family member had breast cancer. Am I at higher risk?
Ans: Dr. Mikalov will do a breast cancer risk assessment based on not just your family history but other risk causing factors including sometimes genetic testing to give you a realistic understanding of what your true risk is. He will then incorporate a lifestyle modification including at times medication to reduce your chances of getting breast cancer.